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Used the Fire Cannon and the Fire Lady. Abused Fire and this is as far as I got.

Bought this game on Steam. Amazing game man!


I beat it with just Shana and Revolver. I feel powerful.

I just died with 18 seconds remaining. Victory is so close, and yet, so far...

Interesting game, but I am too slow. My record is 3:34.


For some reason, it started giving me powerups which I didn't choose. In my last attempt, it gave me the "Giant" powerup, which I did not choose, and it completely ruined the run. I'm used to running around quickly, so it really threw me off. Other than that, though, it's a good game. 7.5/10.

the a and d key changes what levelup you select so that could have been it i've accidentally did that and messed up a run but never just randomly

This might've been what happened. I never realised that the keys changed the powerup selection, I thought you just had to use the mouse. Thank you for letting me know.

Same, I was going to comment this.

I believe maybe is not a bug but a UI design flaw, I hope they fix it.

Really good game! I Just bought it on Steam.

This game is fantastic! It was a huge inspiration, together with Vampire Survivors for me to create my I'd love to hear your feedback, I'm looking to improve my game.


Awesome game! Would definitely recommend it.

khó vã

Survived 9:56 minutes without firing a single bullet. Feels great and terrible at the same time. I used Hina plus crossbow in case you were wondering.


Incredible game! I played for an hour without seeing the time go by!

Trying this, but the Y axis on the controller is reversed, which makes it pretty much impossible. Is there an option somewhere to change this?

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Uh... Is this a knock off?

i mean is 5 minutes til dawn a knock off of this game?


ye, and they even have ads. They are ripping off  the hard work of indie game developers for a quick buck. Disgusting. They didn't even get the permission of  flanne, and they claim to have an experience similar to 20 minutes till dawn. Thus, they are not only ripping off the code, but the game experience itself.

love this!

Please male a mac m1 export. Just payed for the early access after playing 2 hours online and didn’t check for osx compatibility erg =/. With unity shouldn’t be too hard or I’m wrong =) ? Anyway thanks for this super addictive game and the beautiful art style.

i cant move

i can shoot and reload but not move


did you try moving

fun game i like it

Good Game

Btw this is my loudout, My loudout is all about burn and lifesteal its op in late game.

lol i forgot i got lvl 18 under 10 minutes

me too


Really good game

love this game so much, feel so exited to 100% it! And also I have a small question, will the new cursors/crosshairs variations be added?

7/10 great game, i have plenty of suggestions like you have the ability to buy things that spawn on the map, like heath speed extra damage, i only mention this because if you buy everything the game gets stale, besides that it is really fun, great art, unique playing and so much more. good game

yeah. everything is a one-time use, and I think that maybe every 2 upgrades or something, a shop shows up and you can use your red stuff to buy items


Level 11.  Also splinter fire cannon combo, is op.


It is though right? That and doing all the pet stuff.

I do crossbow with reaper rounds, splinter, big shot, power shot, fan fire, double shot, the final upgrade of that, holy shield, frost mage, and some other stuff. it is pretty op

Will the full version have Linux support at some point in the future?


It’s unnecessary workload for an indie developer sometimes, we have to accept it. It runs very well on my machine through Steam Play.

This game is very good. But it's hard to know what you're doing at first since too many enemies spawn and cramped together and I didn't know that they drop something. Also is there a way to heal? and does the tree drop something when you kill it?


you can only heal through abilities that give u some type of healing effect. As for the trees idk tbh.


Healing is hard because gameplay is 10min. I swear its worth messing with the builds and trying to minmax.


NO juust get the Soothing Warmth from the pryo mage path with flame cannon splinter OP

Don't forget plenty of fire rate upgrades, and you don't even need to worry about bullet damage, since that's not the focus


trees are invincible

I just spent half of my playing time trying to kill a tree

too bad that you didn't see this earlier

One of my favorite games of all time. Had to buy it on Steam. Thank you!


ESTÁ BIEN CHIDOOOOO, (ya lo compré en Steam)

this game is perfect, i love it

Outstanding work, especially love the artwork and music.

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why does it auto full screen constantly i hate that every round or randomly menuing

finally i finished this game!

  you may want to run when needed... like... forever


Or run summoning build with bullet damage up and exploding bulelts with the crossbow and just stand there watch the fireworks. I didn't even have to run to survive, and got over 4k enemy kills. The only non-running way I've yet found to survive, with the downside that it lags the game at the end because you're spawning so much gold and so many bullets. 

wb about the dashing boss? Need a focused damage build. Its was so hard for me

I just ran around shooting in it's general direction until it died, you're in no rush since by that point you should have enough summon dps to easily hold off everything else

I gotta try this summoner build sometime


I tried that, and it went extremely well. But then I ran into a horde like an idiot and the scythe wasn't there to save me :(

I had a lot of fun!

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I  honestly really like this. I didn't understand it at first, but once i got the hang of it it became a really fun game to play in my spare time. The demo feels really full, and it has more content than other demos I've tried. The gameplay is also very intuitive and somewhat simple. You just need to  move and shoot. And my favorite part, the graphics are absolutely beautiful for a game with a pixel art style. Definitely worth trying. Also, a tip for new players that I only found out later on in the game: when you kill enemies, you will only  gain level progression if you pick up the little dot that drops after you defeat them. You will automatically pick this up if you are close enough. Also, you don't have to shoot all the time. You move much slower while shooting.


Me whenever I see the Powerful Bullets upgrades: *breathes in* NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A-



Please return 10 Minutes Till Dawn back to Steam! It serves as a great showcase for the game. You can install it on Steam and try it offline. It makes no sense to limit the installation of 10 Minutes Till Dawn on Steam!

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man the full game seems like it was dev'd by a fucking retard

2 heal skills in game, both are shit

3 heal skills in upgrades but you only get 1 upgrade skill per rank

When you inflict Burn, there is a 0.05% chance to heal you for 1 HP.


Heal 1 HP every 90 seconds.



I think you are supposed to avoid loosing health...

But yeah, there are some issues with balancing yet (this is an early acces of a demo), but if you keep in mind the updates are supposed to be used in 20-minute runs, and you get a lot more updates active at the same time, they make much more sense. 

If you are going for a burn build, you are probably going for attack speed or more bollets to try to inflict it as much as possible, so sometimes it can get triggered once per minute. 

If you have, lets say, more than 9 minutes left when you get te second one, you wolud heal 6 times in total in the whole run.

Do your math, you donkey


Have you considered suicide?
If not, I highly recommend you try it.


My guy, you've left like 5 offensive comments on this page, and many others, even lashing out at people who go through a logical conclusion (which may or may not be my fate)

Chill out, the person/people that made this game made art, coded it, had a vision, and made a fricken steam page with content, and are probably making a profit off their hard work.

Yet you, calling people "fucking retards", and "fucking stupid" sitting in the comment section, worthless, maybe doing something that makes you happy, great, but just saying its kind of sad ya gotta be like that man :/

TLDR; chill out lol :)


Calling retarded pieces of shit retarded pieces of shit makes me very happy.

Stupid people should know they are stupid.

This game is shit. The dev is a fucking retard.

"Oh he's making money" Wow I didn't realize that was a metric of intelligence, so sorry, you retarded shitape.

Oh wait, it's fucking not.


Jesus.....I expect this from twitter but here? Did not expect it at all....


well, at least you read my flawed retort :), but what do you gain from this lol, just insulting some random person on the internet, and getting a random response.

also you forgot: chill out lol


listle up ya lil' dipshit. you're just jealouls 'cause you will never be able to make a game this good.


Uii, i think you just have zero clue of how the Game works.

Its like Vampire Survivor just better and if its not your Game then go flame in another Minecraft Forum again and dont waste our time with not relevant and not productiv "critic".

Talking about people dont get if they are stupid... said the one who just dont even get that they are to bad and stupid to understand how to play this game. and its not even complicated. kek su**er


If i would be in a room with you, Hitler and Bin Laden. And i would have only 1 Pistol with 2 Bullets. I would shoot you twice.


lol bad at game so cries get a grip

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the thing about the game is that its a bullet hell. you are supposed to not take damage. your damage is supposed to be very permanent, so just the fact there are healing abilities are lucky lol.

and also try to not use the word "retart", it's looked in a similar light as the n-word now.


what are you supposed to get five the point is that the more you level up you get stronger by one you're the dumass


its 10 minute survival. it would be too easy otherwise

Deleted 146 days ago

Or you could just use flamethrower dumbass. Infinite heals

Ah yes, a twitter user


music is very nice and game too! good luck with the development!


frozen enemies can still hit you


Yeah the devs a bit of a fucking retard.


yeah except getting healing is fucking impossible.


you fucking idiot. the thing is that you aren't supposed to get hit. plus it's a new game, so it's balancing is naturaly not perfect.

learn to dodge in a bullet hell or just cope fucking asshole.


Sebine, if you really think this is a major problem, you can join the discord server and say what you think needs to be fixed instead of  yalling into the void:

never had a problem with that. if iam on 1 hp and get that item i mostly got weapons already to just heal me in 1 min for 2 hp. Attack speed with lightnings every hit is just nice for that. so 60bullets in 10 sec but with getting 3 bullets back or 33% without bullet consum while standing still. TL;DR No Ammo use and huge Attackspeed is sick af if you are too bad and get hit all time to heal yourself.


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